Wild 20 Powerbuilding Workout: Get Crazy, Get Big and Strong

Set 7 is your money set. If you are able to reach 20 or more reps for this set, add 5 pounds to the lift the next time you perform it. If you are unable to reach your 20 rep goal, continue to use the same weight and aim for progression the following week.

You will find that once you are able to reach 20 reps on your money set, progress and weight additions will start to occur quite frequently. It is not uncommon to add 5 pounds to a lift every 2-4 weeks. Over the course of 6 months this could potentially add 30 to 50 pounds to your bench press, squat or deadlift.

So to recap, your Wild 20 sets will:

  • Use the same weight for each set.
  • Feature an all-out max rep 7th set.

For your Wild 20 sets I suggest using the following start weights if your bench press max is under 240, your squat max is under 350, your deadlift max is under 400, your barbell row max is under 225 and your military press is under 150.

  • Bench Press – 135 pounds
  • Squats – 185 pounds
  • Deadlifts – 185 pounds
  • Barbell Rows – 135 pounds
  • Military Press – 95 pounds

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