These 20 Things Before Barbell Squatting Can Maximize Improving Your Leg Size and Strength

#4 – There is no need to get ATG obsessed

This statement might bring me some heat, but I’m a big boy and I can take it. Squatting is not as ass to grass contest. You get no bonus points for trying to touch your backside to the ground.

Stop obsessing about ATG squats and start focusing on progression. Get your depth slightly below parallel, and get stronger. This is how muscle and strength is built.

Some lifting circles turn squatting into a depth contest. Gotta be ass to grass bro. No you don’t. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t sacrifice weight for depth. If you want to really increase intensity on squats, try paused squats.

Barbell Squats

#5 – Bolster your squats with additional quad work

Squats are king. There is no doubt. They are great for overall quad size and strength. With that said, I still recommend trying to strengthen them with other potent exercises such as leg presses, hack squats, front squats, etc.

The more quad strength you can develop, the better. You can never have enough overall leg strength. This will only help your squatting prowess, and may also work to develop additional leg size.

Build a big base, any and every way possible.

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