The Ultimate Muscle Building Training Split Reference Guide, Presented by Top Bodybuilder

A complete guide. Learn which splits are effective, and which workouts to avoid. Included are numerous workout and training splits examples.

Training splits can be a mystery. With so many available options and possibilities, it’s easy to be confused about which splits are effective, and which are poorly structured. If you’ve ever wondered just why and how training splits are designed, and just what some of the best training split options are, you’ve come to the right place. So grab a protein shake, sit down and start reading.

Before we dig in, I want to explain a few simple rules. These rules will help you to understand the reasoning behind many popular workouts on Muscle & Strength. Keep in mind that rules are meant to be bent, and in some cases broken. Some individuals recover more quickly than others, or have learned from experience that they can break a few of the rules and make great progress. For this reason, some of the splits you see used by experienced natural bodybuilders might break the rules.

In general, it’s best to stay within the boundaries of the routines presented in this reference guide. Many trainees mistakingly believe that adding volume or additional workouts is the secret key to rapid growth. This is far from true. Muscle building isn’t simply add more sets, make greater gains. There are more factors involved with progress than the number of sets you perform.

Trust in the process. Believe in the conventional wisdom used by the muscle building community. The workout splits in this reference guide are effective choices. Use them, learn your body in the process, evolve your training, and smash your goals!

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