The Best 5 Exercises For Increasing Hamstrings Mass, According to Bodybuilding Experts

Top Hamstring Exercise #4 – Plate Drags

Some of the most genius workouts require no additional machinery, only some kind of resistance. With a plate drag, you only need a large weighted plate available wherever you can get your hands on some free weights.

Lay on your back on the floor and hold on to something that is secure. Extend your legs fully and place the heel of your shoe in the center hole of a weight plate. Drag the plate toward your center mass by bending the knee then return the plate as you extend the leg. Start with a low weight and work yourself up to larger plates.

Top Hamstring Exercise #5 – The Barbell Deadlift

As mentioned earlier, the deadlift is a great workout because it does target some portion of the hamstrings. This fits well into just about every workout, but especially the top 5 hamstring exercises, because it targets so many muscle groups. It’s one of the primary, fundamental exercises of hundreds of weight training programs.

Any deadlift variation works 100% of the muscles in the legs to some degree. When you use proper form during a barbell deadlift you’ll be working the additional muscles for stability while pushing the limits of the leg muscles to support your core strength. Next to the squat, this is the single most powerful exercise for gaining muscle, building strength and shucking off calories.

Let the barbell rest on the floor sitting just above the ankles in front of your shins. Keep your stance shoulder width apart and bend down to grab the bar. Angle your knees so they are inside of your elbows. When you lift, use your entire body to stabilize your core and your back, lifting with your legs (hips, gluts, legs). Your back should not bend at all. Keep the bar close to your body as you stand up straight. Hold then return the bar to the floor under control.

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