The Best 20-Minute Uncommon Bodyweight Workout for Weight Loss

1. Forward Lunge-to-Instep

Why it works: If I could pick just one move to stretch your entire body and prime it for athletic, three-dimensional movement, this would be the one.

How to do it: Start by stepping forward into a lunge with your left foot forward. Place your right forearm (or hand) to the ground and your left elbow to the inside of your left foot (shown here). Hold the stretch for two seconds. Then, place your left hand outside of your foot and push your hips up, pointing your front toes up. Return to standing position and repeat by stepping out with your right foot. Continue alternating sides.

Prescription: 10 reps per side

2. One-Arm, One-Leg Plank

Why it works: This move challenges you to keep your back flat and stabilized.

How to do it: From a pushup position with forearms on the ground (shown here), push up and support your weight on your elbows. Tuck your chin so your head is in line with your body. Lift one arm and the opposite leg, hold for two seconds. Switch limbs.

Prescription: 10 reps per side

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