The 5 Most Effective Shoulder Dumbbell Exercises for V-taper Physique

3. Dumbbell Front Raises:

You can perform dumbbell front raises one arm at a time or both at the same time. This exercise will give the front part of your shoulders a full look, as well as a round shape. Even though the front of the shoulder is important, don’t forget to focus on the back and side parts.

How To:

  • Pick a couple of dumbbells and stand with a straight torso and the dumbbells on front of your thighs at arms length with the palms of the hand facing your thighs.
  • Lift the left dumbbell to the front with a slight bend on the elbow and the palms of the hands always facing down.
  • Continue to go up until you arm is slightly above parallel to the floor.
  • Now lower the dumbbell back down slowly to the starting position as you simultaneously lift the right dumbbell.
  • Continue alternating in this fashion until all of the recommended amount of repetitions have been performed for each arm.

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