Study Reveals That Couples Who Really Love Each Other Tend to Gain Weight

More research was done by the National Institute of Health to examine whether weight gain in newly wedded couples was a positive or negative reflection of their happiness. The study followed couples who had been married for more than 4 years and it examined their emotional health and levels of stress. It was found that couples who had recently been happily married were twice more likely to put on weight whereas couples who reported being not as happy with their spouses were less likely to gain weight.

Scientists Found That Couples Who Really Love Each Other Tend to Gain Weight

The study reached the conclusion that happy couples gain more weight because they don’t have the need to attract another partner and they feel happier the way they are. Whereas couples who feel unhappy in their relationships are unable to gain more weight due to stress. However, it is recommended for happily married couples who gained weight to think of their BMI because of health issues rather than their appearance.

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