Perfect 7 Exercises and Techniques To Build The Upper Chest

6. Try “New” Upper-Pec Movements

If new and novel upper-chest movements are so important to hitting those upper pec fibers, we’d be remiss not to give you some ideas as to where to start. Assuming you’re familiar with the basic upper-chest movements, consider these:

  • Semi-inclined bench press: Whether done with dumbbells or in the Smith machine, doing your presses with in-between angles on an adjustable bench brings new life to an old favorite.
  • Incline machine press: Instead of hitting your usual machine, use the machine you typically don’t favor. In addition, if your gym has a Hammer Strength chest machine in which each arm moves independently, sit sideways to the unit, brace yourself with your free hand, and press across your body.
  • Single-joint incline fly: You probably already do some kind of single-joint movement in your workout, but make it one that focuses on the upper pecs. A few good choices are cable crossovers from the lower pulleys, incline-bench cable flyes, and incline-bench dumbbell flyes.
  • Reverse-grip bench press: Flat-bench barbell presses with a reverse grip actually shift the focus to the upper pecs. Start out light and make sure your thumbs are hooked around the bar for safety.
  • Incline-bench pull-overs: Ditch the flat bench for your pullovers and do them on an incline bench instead. Do 3 sets of 12, holding that last rep for a five-second isometric to really feel the burn.

Doing a second chest day allows you to intensely focus on bringing up a lagging area.

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