Perfect 7 Exercises and Techniques To Build The Upper Chest

2. Get Off The Fixed Bench

If you take a closer look at incline barbell bench-press stations, you’ll notice that the angle of the bench is typically fixed, usually around 45 degrees. (I’ve seen some benches that are even steeper than that, and they end up working the delts rather than the upper pecs.) There’s no law in physics that says the upper pecs have to be worked from the same angle all the time; in fact, you’ll get better overall upper chest development if you use a variety of incline bench positions.

Now take a look at that adjustable incline bench. There are several notches on the bench that allow you to work low inclines, moderate inclines, and even steeper inclines. If you really want to improve your upper pecs, this adjustable bench is your new best friend, and you’ll make use of all those in-between positions at some point.

The adjustable bench is best utilized with dumbbells or in the Smith machine. Start using a variety of inclined positions—either from set to set or workout to workout—to target the muscle fibers in slightly different ways.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

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