My Doctor Suggested Me This 10 Days Diet Plan for Belly Fat Blaster, Here’s The Result

Day 8


Try to drink a lot of water. Don’t consume tomatoes. Try a combination of different fruits and vegetables. You can also have green tea and buttermilk in between the meals. You can also eat cottage cheese and various types of soups. It is advised not to eat tomatoes during this day because you have already consumed them in ample quantity on the previous day. So try other fresh ingredients.

Day 9

skimmed milk

Include various things like skimmed milk in the morning with fruits, you can also eat some cereals along with milk if you like, then eat salad in the lunch and have vegetables along with brown bread. You can also include some fat free and sugar free yogurt. In the evening you can have fresh juice or you can have some popcorn for snacks. Drink soup before dinner and you can have cottage cheese along with veggies in the dinner.

Day 10

scrambelled egg

So finally on the last day you can give a little treat to yourself. You can have oats along with skimmed milk or you can have a scrambelled egg with brown bread. It will make your stomach full. Use a little olive oil for cooking and cook vegetables. Don’t add too much salt. You can prepare smoothie with the help of fruits. In the evening you can have some light snacks which are not heavy and have soup before dinner and eat veggies for diner.

This diet plan is very useful when you really want to detoxify your body and achieve a great health. You will not only lose weight but will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. You should drink plenty amount of water along with this diet so that you can gain the real advantage of following this diet plan. Try to avoid the habit of drinking tea and coffee and replace it with green tea. By sincerely following this diet plan for 10 days you will see a drastic change in your body.

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