My Doctor Suggested Me This 10 Days Diet Plan for Belly Fat Blaster, Here’s The Result

Day 2

Salads like radish and carrots

On day two try to incorporate salads in your diet. Salads like radish and carrots are really good for losing weight and getting rid of unwanted toxins from the body. They are highly rich in fibers which are very useful to cleanse the system. You can also try cucumber which is an ample source of water. Have salad in morning, lunch and dinner. You can choose various ingredients that you want to have in your salad. It will make your stomach full and you will not feel hungry.

Day 3


On your third day go for the vegetables. Try to eat them boiled or in raw form. Don’t use any cooking oil. Try to avoid potatoes because they are very high in starch and carbohydrates. Various vegetables are there which are a delight to taste when eaten raw or in boiled form such as cabbage, gourds, broccoli etc. You can choose any vegetables that you like but keep in mind not to include vegetables that have high fat content. Also remember to drink adequate amount of water to flush toxins from your body.

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