Michael B. Jordan Inspired Workout: Train Like Black Panther’s Killmonger

Michael B. Jordan isn’t new to the gym scene (or the superhero scene for that matter).

The man put on a lot of muscle mass to play the role of Adonis, Apollo Creed’s son, in Creed.

And before that, he played Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch in Fantastic Four.

And even before that, Jordan was Dillon, Texas’ star quarterback in the hit tv show Friday Night Lights.

So, when it came time to build a body for the very muscular and strong character of Killmonger, Jordan already had developed a strong physical base and good workout habits.

Knowing this about Michael, as well as digging around on the internet and social media, we designed a program inspired by him to help you build lean muscle mass.

From all the information we have access to about Michael B. Jordan, we can deduce the following principles about how Michael works out:

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