How to Start Losing Weight: 5 Crucial Things You Must Do In The First Week For Longterm Success

Get all your exercise gear together

During the first week, your focus is going to be on creating the exercise habit. This means waking up early to exercise or going to the gym after work. You shouldn’t be worried about training for a Iron Man marathon. It’s all about habit! Remember motivation gets you started but habits keeps you going.

To make sure you’re able to stick with an exercise habit I recommend getting all your exercise gear together that first week. This means purchasing new sneakers and exercise clothes – that’s if you need it. Also, getting your music ready by putting together playlists and getting a pair of wireless earbuds.

Last, have exercise routines put together. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy but you should have an idea of what you’re going to do so you don’t show up and stare at the treadmill with zero clue.

The goal is to wake up and get right into exercise. You don’t want to worry about finding clothes, looking for earbuds, or attempting to exercise in beat up sneakers. Take that first week to get everything ready!

Another tip is to have all your exercise gear ready the night before. So, whether you exercise in the morning or after work it’s ready to go.

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