How to Start Losing Weight: 5 Crucial Things You Must Do In The First Week For Longterm Success

Create a 2-3 week meal plan

Food makes up 80% of your weight loss so eating the right foods is very important. I lost my first 30lbs simply by changing the way I ate. Exercise is important but when it comes to losing weight food matters more.

So, after you have hot zones under control and your mind is in the right place, it’s time to start working on meal plans. A meal plan serves as your “food road map”. It tells you what to eat, how much to eat, and possibly even when to eat. Taking the time to put together a weekly meal plan is the first step in creating healthy food habits.

To be honest, meal planning is one of my least favorite weight loss strategies. Which is the reason I recommend creating 2-3 meal plans at a time. This way, you only need to think about meal planning once every couple weeks or so. In my experience, anytime you can plan in advance is a good thing.

I also suggest saving meal plans to be used in the future. You can easily save them as a document in Google drive or if you’re a Plan to Eat member you can save all meal plans and grocery lists to be used again.

Of course, if you simply want someone to do all the meal planning for you then there are many options to choose from.

Emeals is a weekly meal planning service that sends a meal plan to your email every week. There are so many weight loss meal plans to choose from and it only costs $58 a year. I’ve had a subscription since 2012 and currently subscribe to the Eating Well meal plan but I’ve also tried the clean eating, low-carb, Gluten-free, Mediterranean, and a few others. This is just dinners but you can also subscribe to a breakfast and lunch plan too.

Maybe you just want healthy meals delivered. You don’t want to deal with meal planning or grocery shopping. Again, you have options. You can subscribe to Sun Basket or Green Chef which are meal kit delivery services that deliver healthy recipes, and all the ingredients, to your door for you to cook at home.

Regardless of whether you create your own meal plan, have it email to you, or have dinners delivered to your door the point is to have a meal plan. A meal plan is essential as you start losing weight and throughout your entire journey.

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