How To Build More Muscle Using Nearly Any Workout System

Pillar #3 – Be Patient

You can’t build 10 pounds of muscle in a month, no matter what anyone tells you. You might be able to build 1-2 pounds of muscle or add 1/4 inch to your arms in a month, but that’s about it.

Each workout is a step. If you don’t enjoy that step, and attempt to maximize that step, results will never come.

Over the years I’ve seen armies of guys hit the gym and neither enjoy, nor maximize their workouts. If this sounds like you, changes need to be made. It’s time to put yourself on a program you actually look forward too, and it’s time to learn how to maximize each set.

Once you are able to enjoy lifting, and appreciate where your daily progress is taking you, then you stand a chance.

Remain patient. Muscle and strength building takes time. Make a long term plan. Set goals to change your physique and strength levels over the course of 3-4 years, not 3-4 months. Enjoy the journey.

To be fully committed to reaching your potential you’ll need to adopt a new lifestyle, not a 10 week “toning” program. Once you build muscle, guess what? It will disappear unless you keep training. Once you build strength, guess what? You will get weaker unless you keep training. Once you get ripped and carve out the perfect beach body, guess what? You’ll have to work your back end off (literally) to continue to look that good.

Fitness and health isn’t a “90 day magical program.” It involves commitment and completely changing your habits. You must be patient.

Most of us have seen magazine headlines that look like this: “Gain 30 pounds of muscle in 60 days!” This is nonsense. 100% pure bull crap. Unless you are underweight to begin with, it will take you at best 4 years to build 30 pounds of muscle. Naturally, that is.

The same goes for hitting a 300 pound bench press. There are some trainees who are gifted at benching. You’ll get no argument from me on that point. But the rest of us will struggle reaching a 300 pound bench press. A bench press program might give us a 30-40 pound boost, but odds are it still might take you years and years to press 300 pounds off your chest.

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