How To Build More Muscle Using Nearly Any Workout System

MUSCLE BUILDING: Stop worrying about finding the perfect workout and start maximizing your current program. Learn the 5 pillars that create gym success regardless of your program choice.

What do these pillars mean? Simple…if you stop missing workouts, push each set for as many reps as possible and add weight when you can, understand that gains take years and not weeks, eat enough food to allow your body to recover and grow, and listen to your body and learn to evolve your training and diet based on needs, you will reach your strength and muscle building goals.

That’s the magic you are seeking. Always has been, and always will be the mechanism that drives gains. If you pick a reasonable and trusted workout program and apply these pillars, you will reach your goals.

The lifter who isn’t making progress is missing workouts, impatient and looking for quick results, has no concrete progressive overload approach, is afraid to overeat and gain one microgram of fat or isn’t taking nutrition seriously at all, and jumps around from program to program thinking that someday one of these workouts will turn him into Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman.

Let’s look at each of the pillars and try to understand why they are important.

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