How To Build Big, Strong, & Thick Legs Without Squats

Even though squats may be the best leg exercise, you can still gain big muscle with these other lower-body exercises, and the sample workouts included.

Squats are the king of all bodybuilding exercises. They build up overall strength and are done by people training at all different levels for all types of goals. When you reach ‘Leg Day,’ it is a given that you will begin with a good number of sets of squats. But is it possible to get the same results for your lower body without squatting?

The answer is yes, and you may be surprised at the reasons why.

First of all, it is undeniable that squats are the best way to build a powerful set of wheels. To try and say that would be dishonest and sound incorrect. But there are certain situations when performing squats properly is detrimental and doing so may cause you to miss valuable gym time with an injury or extended soreness.

Your entire body is taxed when you do squats and it puts a lot of added pressure on your knees and lower back. Wraps and a belt will help, but will not totally prevent an injury. And it’s not even a case of having bad form; you can blow a knee out even when performing a repetition properly. Improper form, on the other hand, is usually the catalyst for nagging lower back pain.

For whatever your reasons, squats may be an exercise that you would like to discontinue, but yet want to keep your quads symmetrical with the rest of your body. This is possible and you need to be a little creative in order to do so. Here are some suggestions for you to take to the gym the next time that you are scheduled to do legs:

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