Freaky Abs! The Monster Guide To A Shredded Six Pack

Abs Blasting Workouts

Use the following guidelines when deciding on which stage of ab workouts to use:

  • Stage 1 – Stage 1 workouts are for someone who has not trained abs in quite some time.
  • Stage 2 – Stage 2 workouts are for someone who is currently training abs but doesn’t feel like they are making good progress.
  • Stage 3 – Stage 3 is the advanced stage. These workouts are designed for the hardcore abs fanatic, and are incredibly taxing.

Note: Remember to focus on progression. Make it a goal to beat your last performance, even if it’s only by a rep or a small amount of weight.

How to train your abs properly to maximize results

To maximize results utilize the following ab training “rules”:

  1. Workout Frequency – Train your abs 1-3 times per week. Set aside the belief that more is better. Instead focus on training intensity, followed by adequate rest.
  2. Workout Volume – Don’t add additional sets to these workouts. If a workout isn’t challenging enough, find a way to make it progressively more difficult.
  3. Workout Timing – If you are using a muscle building workout, train your abs towards the end of your workout. It is best to focus on abs after you have trained all major muscle groups for that day. If you are not trying to build muscle, abs may be worked at any time during your workout.

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