Freaky Abs! The Monster Guide To A Shredded Six Pack

It’s just as easy for women to get six pack abs!

False. The female body naturally tends to hold higher bodyfat levels, and will often “fight” to retain bodyfat when it’s at lower levels. This does not imply that it will be impossible for a woman to have great abs, but rather it will be more difficult to have freaky shredded abs.

You must do an insane amount of cardio to have abs!

Not true. Having a properly structured fat cutting diet is more important. While cardio can certainly help burn fat and stimulate your metabolism, you do not need to spend several hours each day strolling at a fast pace on the treadmill, or Stairmastering yourself into a mind-numbing trance. First and foremost, dial in your diet. Once your eating approach is on point, you can add cardio as needed.

You need strong abs to have a great six pack!

In general, no. While resistance training will definitely help to build thicker, more prominent abs, you do not even need to train your abs to have a six pack. Everyone has ab muscles. At a bare minimum you don’t have to do any ab work to carve out a six pack. Once again, it’s almost all about diet. Many grade school age children have the outline of a six pack, yet they have very little ab strength. Remember this: diet reveals the abs, resistance training makes them thick. If you don’t care about having thick abs, and just want beach abs, you may not have to do any ab training at all.

Once you have abs, maintaining them is easy!

Sorry, but this is incorrect. For the average person maintaining great looking abs takes an incredible amount of discipline. This means eating clean and training hard several days a week. If you develop a six pack, it only takes a few poor diet days for it to soften or even disappear.

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