Freaky Abs! The Monster Guide To A Shredded Six Pack

Working your abs will give you a bad back!

While overworking your abs, or any muscle group for that matter, could create lower back strain, a moderate and sensible amount of abs work will actually strengthen your lower back. The abs and lower back are opposing muscles and work synergistically during ab training.

Addominal crunches

Crunches are the best ab exercise!

Not so much. Crunching your way into oblivion is not the best strategy for building thick, six pack abs. Most of us can perform 25 to 50 crunches (or more) right now without stopping. The fact that crunches are relatively easy to do, or will become relatively easy to perform after only a week or two, indicates that they are not providing enough resistance. Once the body has adapted and is no longer challenged it has very little incentive to “grow” a muscle.

You can stay “freaky” shredded 365 days a year!

This is nearly impossible, unless you are a freak of nature. Fitness models or bodybuilders appearing on the cover of magazines are often 5-7% bodyfat or lower. It is very difficult to maintain a bodyfat percentage this low for weeks at a time. With that said, it is more reasonable and possible to keep 10-12% bodyfat for extended periods of time. You are a little more “smooth” at this bodyfat percentage, but you will look and feel healthier and should still have abs!

A low or no carb diet is the “only” way to shred the abs!

While low carb diets have many benefits, and are used successfully by some natural bodybuilders and fitness models, they are not the only “carb game” in town. Many fitness models and bodybuilders achieve great results with carb cycling which can involve high, moderate and low carb days. In addition, some of you will not need to cycle carbs at all, and may only need to eat fewer calories each day to strip away the fat. We will address diet later in the article.

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