Freaky Abs! The Monster Guide To A Shredded Six Pack

Supplements And Fat Loss

Dieting presents a whole new set of challenges for the body. By restricting calories you are also restricting nutrients. One could make the argument that supplementation during fat loss is more important than supplementation during the muscle building process. In either case, the following supplements are worth considering:

  • Multivitamin – It is simply not good enough to eat healthy and hope that all your nutritional bases are covered. Weight training and cardio tax the body, depleting it of vital nutritional resources. In addition, you are placing your muscles in repairing and building mode, meaning that you will need more than an average share of vitamins and minerals. A good multivitamin product will fill in all the “holes” in your diet.
  • Fish Oil – Fish oil, or healthy essential fatty acids, should be a staple for anyone that trains hard. Healthy oils and essential fatty acids are well known for improving overall health, vitality and brain function. But healthy oils also play an important role in muscle building and fat loss. A Danish study proved that supplementing with the correct ratio of essential fats can increase stamina, improve muscle development, speed recovery and improve cardiovascular function.

  • Pre-Workout Formula – A pre-workout supplement allows you to train longer, stronger, and with more energy. Simply stated, a pre-workout supplement functions in a synergistic manner with your fat loss supplement, and with your aggressive training approach, amplifying your efforts and maximizing fat loss.
  • Fat Burner – There are many fat loss supplements available that can help you burn fat fast. To find the fat loss supplement that’s right for you, check out our fat loss supplement guide.

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