Freaky Abs! The Monster Guide To A Shredded Six Pack

Stage 2 Abs Workouts

You will have developed a fair amount of core strength and abdominal conditioning by now. At this stage of your training you will need to incorporate some new forms of progressive, including limited rest between sets and the addition of resistance to certain exercises. There is no set standard for how long you can use Stage 2 workouts. Continue to challenge yourself, and only move on to the advanced Stage 3 workouts if you feel you have amazing abs conditioning.

Weighted Sit Ups – Hold an Olympic plate or dumbbell on your abs or lower chest, and perform sit ups. When you find that you can easily perform 25 reps with a given weight, add more resistance.

Planks and Side Planks – Focus on decreasing rest between sets of planks, or superset planks with another exercise.

Hanging V-Style Leg Raises – If you are unable to perform 10 reps, perform as many V-style raises as you can, and then finish a set with standard leg raises (or knee raises). If this exercise becomes too easy either superset it with another exercise, or add ankle weights as resistance.

Weighted Decline Bench Knee Raise – Add resistance either via ankle weights, or by attaching a cable or a band to your ankles/feet. If using a band, make sure that the opposite end is anchored properly.

Barbell or Ab Wheel Rollouts – If rollouts become too easy, incorporate slow negatives to increase the intensity.

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