Field Manual: A Training Guide For Those With Little Time & Equipment

A Quick Word About Motivation

This is sometimes seen as the big ugly word many throw around but lack by admission. “I want to get into better shape but I just can’t seem to get motivated,” is the broken record heard around the world. But how do you overcome this wall you’ve built?

You need to set a goal. Do something that will force you to commit and that in turn will motivate you to stay the course. Some strategies include:

  • Take a “before picture.”
  • Do you have a date that you are looking forward to? Wedding? Vacation? Birthday? Write it down.
  • Sign up for a local run or other competitive event.
  • Create a friendly rivalry.
  • Write up a commitment contract with yourself and have a friend witness it.
  • Write down realistic goals and a timeline towards the new you.

Notice these are all tangible things, not just ideas or thoughts floating in your head. Create a vision, a real life commitment to yourself to hold you accountable. Additionally, it is best to tell a friend or family member your goals which make them all that much more real and urgent.

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