Field Manual: A Training Guide For Those With Little Time & Equipment

No equipment, no time? No problem! Using only dumbbells, bands and your bodyweight, bodybuilder expert shows you how to train for gains using supersets.

Workout Description

Why do so many excuses crop up when it comes to getting in shape or more specifically, stripping away body fat and building muscle with little resources? With the seemingly endless options of not only fitness centers on every corner but also hotel gyms, public parks and mobile training equipment, the potential for a quick workout at any time is that much more reachable.

So, what is the big bad wolf at the door? Why are so many reluctant to do even the minimum when it comes to getting fit? Motivation? Organization? Planning? Desire? It can potentially be one, all or even more of these factors.

Hopefully this field manual will shed some much-needed light on the pitfalls of training with little time and equipment and finally get you on the right track to progress “in the field.” You will be able to build some appreciable muscle and lose some body fat with a well thought-out plan of attack.

Don’t think it can be done without belonging to a big-box gym? Read on, follow the plan and then when you muster the energy to get back up from your pool of sweat we’ll revisit your doubts.

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