EXCLUSIVE: 5 Personal Trainers Share Their Favorite Fat-burning Workouts

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The trainer: Aqib Rashid, founder of GHOSTO, a technology-driven personal training facility in Brooklyn

Phase 1: Fast Twitch Fibers + Anaerobic Training

In this portion of the program, aim for heavy load with moderate volume.

1. Banded Barbell Deadlift (8 to 10 reps): Once you’ve mastered the hinge pattern of a deadlift, incorporating resistance bands will help you safely increase load as you progress. Using a lifting platform or rack with low pegs, attach a resistance band from the base of the pegs to each end of your barbell—such that the band is taught and resistance increases at the top range of your movement. Choose weights that allow you to perform 8 to 10 reps per set for 5 sets total with 90 seconds rest between sets.

Phase 2: Circuit Training

In this portion of the program, perform a circuit with moderate load and higher volume. Perform 4 circuits total with 60 seconds rest after each circuit.

1. Pullup-Plus (8-10 reps): Grab the bar with an overhand grip in a dead-hang, with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Without bending your arms, bring the scapula down toward your lower body (this should feel like you’re trying to “bend” the bar). Your chest should rise while your scapula retracts. Once you hit full retraction, pause for a 2-second count, then proceed into standard pullup.

2. Zercher Carry (25-30 feet): Hold a moderately heavy barbell close to your chest by bending your arms at 90 degrees, placing the bar between your biceps and forearms. Keep your gaze forward, core braced, and back straight as you march.

3. Prowler Sprints (40-50 feet): Choose a challenging weight, and place your arms high on the prowler handles. Keeping your core braced, drive forward at a steady pace with full extension on each rep.

Phase 3: Improve Aerobic Capacity + Leverage Post-Exercise Oxygen Debt

The goal in this phase is to engage in bouts of heightened exertion followed by active rest, measured as a function of your maximal heart rate (MHR). If you have one accessible, a wearable HR monitor is a great asset for tracking exertion in this phase. Perform 8 to 10 intervals of the two movements back-to-back, building from 70 to 90 percent max heart rate in 3 to 5 percent increments with each sprint interval.

1. High Exertion: Curved Treadmill (Self-Propelled) Sprints (45-60 seconds, 70-90 percent max heart rate)

2. Active Rest: Hollow-Body Plank or High Plank (60 seconds, ~60 percent of max heart rate)

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