Drop 5 System: 4 Day Mass Building Workout Split

Blast your body with this potent muscle building workout by Steve Shaw. This four day plan is an upper/lower training split which cycles intensity over a 3 week period.

I love to design new and interesting lifting approaches. Good ideas come and go, but when a rock solid idea comes my way I rush to the computer to flesh out the program. Drop 5 is one such program.

Last weekend an idea formed in my head. I started thinking about a 3 week muscle building cycle based on micro-periodization. Each week a trainee would increase intensity (weight) while dropping the reps slightly, making sure to maximize each set for more optimal muscle growth.

During week one lifters focus on moderate weight and a great average number of reps. By week three training is heavier with fewer reps per set. Nothing new, right? True, but I hope you find the twist on this style of programming interesting.

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