Bodybuilding Expert Says “These 8 Bodyweight Exercises Are Extremely Effective for Blasting Body Fat” Here’s The Proof

5. Monkey Lunge

Monkey Lunge

How To:

  • Step to your left and lower your body into a lateral lunge, placing both hands on the floor.
  • Without moving your feet, lift your hands and hips and shift your weight over your right foot, so you end up in a right-side lunge.
  • Alternate back and forth for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • To really kick up the burn, turn this movement into a monkey shuffle by simultaneously loading your hands, lifting your hips and shuffling your feet side-to-side between right and left lunge positions.

6. Kick Through

Kick Through

How To:

  • Start in a bent-knee push-up position with your palms underneath your shoulders and knees bent at 90-degrees.
  • Kick your right leg in front of you and assume a one-arm, one-leg hip bridge.
  • Hold for one count, then reverse the movement and repeat on the other side.
  • Move at a slower, more-controlled pace if it’s difficult, or even try a modified version called “sit-throughs,” where you sit on the outside of your hip as you move to each side.

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