Bodybuilding Coach Reveals 5 Most Effective Exercises For Building Massive Shoulders

4. Dumbbell rear lateral raise

For every action there is usually a reaction. Building a quality, balanced physique is no different. Performing the big, compound lifts such as presses and upright rows are great for adding on mass but you will eventually need a few other tools to balance things out and provide proportion and better function. Rear delt training is essential when it comes to establishing true shoulder balance not only for looks but for proper shoulder health as well.

The Twist: Bent-over lateral raises are pretty much a staple for said goal but let’s throw in a few more unique moves to not only add variety but also aid in achieving overall shoulder strength, balance and function. Rope pulls to the face, wide-grip pull-downs to the face with elbows flared and bent or standing cable rear pulls are just a few options at your disposal.

Here’s the key: As with many other shoulder moves, be sure to pull with your elbows and not your hands. Pulling in this manner will shift the stress to your targeted deltoid head instead of your upper back.

5. Hang clean

Adding in a power move or two isn’t just for athletes or those who partake in cross training. They can easily be installed into a shoulder program to give you some brutally awesome results. Hang cleans are particularly effective when you want to add some real, solid muscle on your yolk. What’s your yolk? Some refer the entire area of your traps, deltoids, neck and upper back as your yolk. Hang cleans is the perfect move for building and strengthening this area.

The Twist: Aside from actually adding them into your program you can beef up their effectiveness (pun intended). First, placing them at the beginning of your shoulder workouts will amp up your nervous system and prep you for more work to come along with a heathy dose of natural growth hormone.

Secondly, performing a hang clean and press will take care of your overhead work and then some. Other A-list power shoulder builders are snatches, split jerks and push presses.

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