Bodybuilding Coach Reveals 5 Most Effective Exercises For Building Massive Shoulders

Looking to effectively build some impressive boulder shoulders? Pack on some serious muscle by adding a twist to these traditional shoulder exercises!

Nope. This isn’t going to be another one of those run-of-the-mill “boulder shoulder” articles repeating the already nauseatingly understood exercises it takes to build big, wide shoulders. You know the ones, they go something like this: A standard press, a side lateral raise and then something for rear delts.

This also isn’t a list of some crazy-looking bosu ball balancing movements better suited for ballerinas with little to show for your efforts. I am about to list the undisputed 5 best shoulder builders and then show you a few ways to make them better. A few twists to get more out of these basic, tried and true movements so you can add some muscle and a little excitement back into your shoulder training.

1. Barbell and dumbbell shoulder press

Yes, what is a list of shoulder exercises without mention of the basic shoulder press? The shoulder press is by far the big boy on the block when it comes to packing on size to your entire shoulder area, especially in the front (anterior) and side (medial) heads of the deltoids. Additionally, overhead pressing will also help build stability in your shoulders to better facilitate bench pressing, rowing and pull-ups.

The Twist: One underlying problem a lot of lifters have is pressing too much weight, therefore creating lower back, shoulder and neck problems. One way to keep reaping the rewards of pressing without ditching it all together is to use a moderate load and perform 3-part, 15 rep sets much like the technique of 21s for biceps curls.

First, press the bar up only half way, then press from the midpoint to the top, and then finally perform full reps for 5 reps each. Just be sure to lower the bar at or slightly below chin level when doing bottom half and full reps.

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