A Japanese Facial Massage That Can Rid You of Swelling and Wrinkles in 5 Minutes a Day (Famous Supermodels Swear by It)

The Japanese Asahi massage is popular all over the world. Targeting the lymph nodes, it relieves swelling and slows down the aging of your facial skin. Videos showing this technique have already garnered more than 8 million views. Even world-famous models, like Natalia Vodianova, admit using elements of the Asahi massage in their daily face care routine.

I have prepared easy-to-follow instructions on doing Asahi facial massage. In just a couple of weeks, this method will visibly smooth out your wrinkles and make the bags under your eyes disappear.

A few important rules

A Japanese Facial Massage That Can Rid You of Swelling and Wrinkles in 5 Minutes a Day (Famous Supermodels Swear by It)

  • This massage is contraindicated if you have lymphatic system disorders, rashes, damaged skin, colds, or the flu.
  • Before the procedure, wash your face and rinse your hands with an antiseptic. Use natural oil or cream to reduce friction with the skin.
  • During the massage sessions, you should feel the pressure, exerted by your fingers. But, it shouldn’t be strong enough to cause discomfort. Ease the pressure while massaging your ears, the area under the jaw, and the neck (which is where the lymph nodes are located).
  • You should repeat each massage movement 3 times (and when it comes to problem areas — 4 or 5 times). For maximal effectiveness, do the Asahi massage every day, at the same time.

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