9 Essential Strength Benchmarks To Reap Strength And Ultimate Size

9. Hang Clean 125 Percent of Your Body Weight

While strength — the ability to produce force — is important, power (how quickly you can express your strength) is equally important. A good goal is to hang clean 1.25 times your body weight for one rep or 85 percent of that number for five reps. To achieve this goal, once you have the technique, use the hang clean one to two times per week at the beginning of your workouts. Be careful not to do more than four to five reps per set so that your technique does not begin to falter.

How to:

  • Grasp a barbell at arm’s length and shoulder-width apart.
  • Push the hips back until the bar barely clears the knees.
  • Explode and extend at the hip, knee and ankle, shrugging and pulling the weight up towards the chin.
  • Allow your elbows to rotate underneath of the bar and catch it in a racked position.

How Do YOU Measure Up?

What do you think about these strength benchmarks? Too tough? Too easy? Which ones can you do already? Which ones are you still working toward? What are your fitness goals and how are you planning to achieve them?

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