9 Essential Strength Benchmarks To Reap Strength And Ultimate Size

2. Bench Press 150 Percent of Your Body Weight

A good goal is to bench press 1.5 times your body weight for one repetition, or 85 percent of that number for five repetitions. Work in the lower rep ranges (one to six) most often. But there is definitely benefit in doing some high-rep work occasionally, particularly if you haven’t been training for very long.

How to:

  • Lie on your back, grasp a barbell at shoulder width or slightly wider, lower the bar to the mid-chest and drive the bar back up to full extension.

3. Complete a Standing Barbell Press at Your Body Weight

The standing barbell press is a strong indicator of your maximal pressing strength. This move focuses on the front shoulders, triceps and core muscles. A good goal is to press your body weight for one rep, or 85 percent of that number for five reps. The first goal is to include this exercise in your workouts. Next, work the smaller stabiliser muscles (external shoulder rotators, rotator cuff, lats and triceps). This will allow your body to express more strength and help prevent injury.

How to:

  • Grasp a bar about shoulder width, starting with the bar on the upper chest.
  • Tense your whole body, and without using your lower back, drive the bar over your head and slightly back.

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