9 Essential Strength Benchmarks To Reap Strength And Ultimate Size

People often wonder how they stack up against others in the gym. They want to know what lifts are good, if they have weaknesses or not, and if so where they are. So I thought it might be useful to compile some standards of strength to serve as a reference point.

The one thing that separates a training program from just an exercise program. If you want to stay consistent with your workouts and get better results from your efforts, you need something to shoot for.

To get the athletic and muscular body you’ve always envisioned (not to mention the performance and fitness levels to go with it), pursuing and achieving the strength benchmarks outlined here will allow you to achieve both.

Take a look to see how you measure up and where you can improve. Note: If you’re over 45 or have less than two years of consistent training, aim for 80 percent of all the goals listed.

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