8 DIY Ways to Reduce Belly Fat in 3 Weeks for Women, Scientifically Proven

8. Vicks Vaporub to Reduce Belly Fat

Yeah, I know this will sound weird but it’s could be a worth to go for.Try this and please let us know.This will start burning your fat quite fast in some days itself you can see the difference. If you don’t know what is Vicks Vaporub, it’s a ointment that is mostly used during cough,congestion and other cold symptoms.

Ingredients needed:
  • Vicks Vaporub
  • Potassium alum
  • Baking soda
  • Plastic wrapper sheet

  • Take potassium alum and grind it into powder form. More fine is powder will be better for cream.
  • Take one teaspoon of potassium alum powder in to a bowl.
  • Put same quantity of baking soda as potassium alum  and mix with potassium alum .
  • Take one teaspoon of vicks vaporub into the mixture and mix them well till it forms a cream formations.You can also use more quantity of vicks if needed.
  • Use this cream onto your belly, once applied wrap the portion where cream is applied with a plastic wrapper. Cover it well.
  • Let it remain for some 3-4 hours.

Note: This will result in sweating where this is applied, which actually starts cutting of the fat from body.You can do your work too while applying this remedy.

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