72 Muscle Building Questions That Are All Answered With No

No, no and no! Next question? No! This article contains 72 common bodybuilding, nutrition, cardio and supplementation questions that can all be answered with “no.”

“No” is perhaps a 2 year old’s favorite word. It’s also a word I find myself repeating over and over again when answering questions about muscle building.

Most lifters have a fear that results will only come once a complex magical formula is unlocked. What they fail to understand is that bodybuilding is really a simple process.

You lift consistently, use the best tools possible, progress (get a lot stronger), eat so that your body is able to gain muscle mass, and remain patient. Very patient.

To help simplify things I thought it would be fun to list common muscle building questions, and then respond with my favorite answer – no! Here goes…

72 Common Bodybuilding Questions

1) Will performing cardio several times per week slow my gains?

2) Will doing yoga slow my gains?

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