6 Most Effective Ways to Build Muscle While You Sleep, Backed by Science

Escape with a book.

A University of Sussex study found that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress by up to 68 percent. Pro tip: Grab something that will tranquilize racing thoughts and encourage escapism, and read it until you feel drowsy.

Breathe mindfully.

Try this simple pre-sleep breathing technique, used by soldiers to stay composed in high-stress situations: Inhale for four seconds, pause, hold your breath for two seconds, and exhale for four seconds. That’s one set. Repeat three times or until you enter dreamland.

Keep your bedroom cave-like.

Researchers agree that the ideal sleeping chamber is quiet, dark, and temperate, around 65 degrees Fahrenheit with 65 percent humidity. Dyson’s Humidifier ($500, dyson.com) boasts bacteria-zapping technology to deliver clean, cooled air. Pair it with a set of blackout shades to encourage sleep-inducing melatonin production.

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