6 Most Effective Ways to Build Muscle While You Sleep, Backed by Science

We’re firm believers that a great diet has more to do with getting in shape than your chosen fitness regimen. But there’s a factor a lot of guys take for granted: sleep. When you’re deep asleep, your body becomes a factory of testosterone and growth hormone, regenerative chemicals you need to repair for the next workout. So stop short-changing the most important part of your day. Use these six sleep strategies, along with a sensible nutrition plan and smart training, to engineer your perfect sleeping environment and trigger the muscle-building benefits of a good night’s rest.

Establish a pre-snooze ritual.

Schedule a hard stop for all non-calming activities. Especially in the hour preceding sleep, be sure to replace stuff that triggers your body’s fight-or-flight response (think stressful stimulation, like the nightly news) or disrupts sleep hormones (blue light from tablet or phone screens), with a routine that steadies breathing and slows your heart rate.

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