5 Smart Ways Crossfitters Can Make Weight Loss Easier and More Fun

When it comes to nutrition, fitness, body composition, or anything else related to health improvement, the best single sentence piece I can give is this: make achieving your goal as simple and easy as possible.

What does this mean? It means not over complicating things for no reason, which is unfortunately the #1 reason, in my opinion at least, why people fail with their weight loss.

A lot of over complication comes from believing popular nutrition claims that are actually false. This makes people worry about more than they should, which taxes daily decision fatigue, which erodes precious willpower, which makes failure more likely. If a goal is simpler, easier, and requires less effort to achieve, it’s just basic logic that you’re more likely to achieve it. On that note, I present 5 ways to make your weight loss simpler and easier.

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