5 Muscle-shocking Techniques You Forgot All About That Make You Hard to Gain Muscle Mass

5. Time Under Tension Training

In one corner, there’s a guy blowing through 12 reps in no time at all then spending a two-minute rest break perusing his Facebook news feed. In the other corner, a diligent lifter is timing his sets, making sure they last 30 seconds before putting the weight back down. Who builds more muscle? Probably the 30-second guy slowing down his reps. Kawamoto explains “Many trainees tend to focus on sets and reps, but many don’t consider the tempo of an exercise.

Time under tension is an important component when adding muscle to your frame. It can be the difference in making the same exercise feel more difficult or not.” Take your tempo to the next level. Start by aiming for 25-30 seconds per set. With each rep lasting approximately three to four seconds, you’re looking at eight to ten reps per set. Have a buddy use a stopwatch and hold you accountable for the entire length of the set. Rest 60-90 seconds while you watch them suffer before repeating.

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