5 Most Effective Exercises For Building Your Biceps

2. Inverted Rack Curl

A highly effective but little known biceps builder is the rack curl. If traditional curling has you bored out of your mind and you want to try something very different and a little more functional then give this a try.

Position yourself under a bar (either a locked Smith machine or a bar placed low on a squat rack) and grasp the bar with an underhand grip with your body straight, facing up and feet on the floor. You should be in a similar positon as a reverse-grip inverted row. Keeping your body straight, curl your body up to your hands while flexing your biceps hard.

Your abs, back, shoulders and legs will be under tension for support, but be sure the majority of the stress is to your biceps.

The Twist: After you’ve mastered the move from a moderate height with the bar it’s time to make things a little interesting. Try performing a rack curl ladder. Start with the bar in a low position (the most difficult) and perform your reps as normal. Once you reach failure, raise the bar to the next setting and perform more reps.

Continue to raise the bar to each new level after you reach muscular failure. Each new height will make the exercise angle a bit easier enabling you to keep working your fatigued biceps.

3. Dumbbell Curl

The dumbbell curl is considered the barbell curl’s little brother, however, utilizing dumbbells allows you to supinate (rotate) the wrist.

Why is this worth mentioning? Because the biceps has two functions: To raise the arm and to rotate the forearm. This supinating action will ensure you are working both biceps heads and getting a complete, thorough workout.

The Twist: Instead of slogging through the normal cadence of “curl the left arm, then the right, then the left and so on” try completing half of your reps for one side then half for the other, then complete your reps in the same fashion.

This small, seemingly insignificant shift will enable you to better focus on the side being worked while reducing upper body sway and swing.

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