5 Most Effective Exercises For Building Your Biceps

Bodybuilding Tips: Blast your biceps with these 5 killer moves that put a twist on classic bicep exercises, making them twice as effective!

Here’s the thing: When it comes to biceps training, you can pretty much only do one thing – curl. Boring, yes, but you still desire a nice set of guns.

Maybe you need to get more out of your biceps training. Maybe you need a few more tricks and techniques to get arm growth going again.

The 5 biceps exercises listed below are some of the most effective arm-builders around. At first glance these aren’t anything new, but let’s delve a little deeper and get creative to make these 5 traditional moves into some serious muscle gain-makers.

Try a few of these on for size (literally) and bigger guns will only be a curl away!

1. Barbell Curl

It doesn’t get more basic than the barbell curl. Heavy, simple and to the point the barbell curl allows you to place the most amount of stress of all the biceps exercises.

Including some form of the barbell curl (be it standing, on the preacher bench, with a wide or narrow grip) is a necessity for anyone’s arsenal if bigger biceps is the goal.

The Twist: A simple yet highly effective version of the traditional barbell curl is the seated barbell curl. Yes, the shortened range of motion will have the illusion of seeming easier to perform, but the reality is quite the opposite. Sit straight up on the end of a bench with the barbell in your lap.

With an underhand grip curl up the weight toward your shoulders and lower under control. When the bar nears your legs only tap the bar and reverse direction. You will find you can lift more weight than the standing, full-range version but that’s not a green light to cheat the weight up. Always use proper, controlled technique.

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