4 Proven Ways To Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

3. Correct Supplements:

There are many supplements that claim to help with loose skin, but most have little evidence to support this.

There are two supplements that are worth considering:

  1. Gelatin
  2. Fish oil

They are not a substitute for the diet and exercise strategies, but they can supplement your efforts to improve the look and quality of your skin.


Gelatin is a type of protein that comes from collagen, a protein itself that is crucial for healthy skin.

Gelatin isn’t the easiest thing to fit into your diet plan, this is because it is most easily found in sweets and desserts.

This is why it’s safer to take as a supplement.

Fish Oil:

A high quality fish oil is one of the best supplements you can take.

It has a whole host of health benefits, including improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles.

Fish oil supplies hydration to your skin and is a great benefit to your heart and health.

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