3 Small Strength Training Changes That’ll Help You Build Bigger Muscles

Serious gains, right this way.

I have to admit, I crush on women with muscles. When I see a well-muscled woman, I know she’s paid her dues. After all, you don’t get Linda Hamilton arms by accident. Building size and shape takes deliberate, consistent effort over a long period time—especially for most women.

When I see a woman who puts everyday gym bros to shame, I also know that she doesn’t really care about social expectations. You know, those subtle and not-so-subtle messages that say women need to be small and weak in order to be attractive? I’m also so glad that in recent years, beauty standards have changed a lot and we’ve finally begun recognizing that a wide range of body types are attractive in their own ways. That’s also thanks in part to the fact that more and more women are calling bull and showing off their muscles with pride.

Of course, building bigger muscles isn’t a fitness goal for everyone. There are so many great reasons to work out, mentally and physically, and for some people, changing the size of their muscles isn’t a priority. Plus, depending on genetics and hormones, putting on muscle can be harder for some people than it is for others. Your diet also has a huge influence on your body composition. But if building bigger muscles is a goal of yours, that’s awesome, too, and there are some things you can do to work toward it.

Are you ready to join the Muscular Woman Club? Hell yeah, you are. Here’s how to do it.

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