3 “No Excuses” Hardcore Limited Equipment Workouts

Workout #2: The 21-15-9 Method

I like to use this style of training to completely exhaust my entire body. The 21-15-9 method does this is by utilizing numerous exercises per workout while still keep intensity at its peak. You will also notice, when I go into more detail about the exercise arrangement, that I like to make sure all areas of the body get worked. This is a key factor in making the 21-15-9 training style so effective.

The name 21-15-9 pretty much gives it away. This style of training is done in in repetitive fashion with 21-15-9 being the target rep ranges for each giant set, while having no breaks between exercise and sets. I like to pick 5 exercises that focus on different parts of the body. Lower body exercises should be compound movements. We will use 2 or more exercise that will focus on this area. Here is the breakdown.

You will perform 21 reps of each exercise with no rest between sets. Once you have finished each exercise, you will start over from the beginning performing 15 reps per exercise. Finally, you will move perform each exercise for 9 reps. As mentioned, there is no resting between exercises, or between transitions from the 21 rep scheme to 15, and so on to 9 reps.

The goal is to finish the entire program. As with the 15-1 training style, if you fail during any part of the routine, note where in the workout this happened. When you fail, lower the weight so you are able to finish the workout. Next time around use a lighter weight.

Intensity is key to making the 21-15-9 workout style effective. Being that I am designed this series for home use, speed and time are the best way to increase intensity. That being said, increasing weight also will help increase intensity. I find that moderate weight coupled with a focus on improved workout completion time is the best formula for results.

Below I am going to lay out 5 of my favorite 21-15-9 workouts. Please note there is no difference on the exercise choice from beginner to advanced lifter. The only difference is the amount of weight used and time it takes to complete the routine.

Remember the golden rule about all of my at home training styles. The goal is to complete the routine in its entirety without a break, so please make sure to adjust weight accordingly.

Each of these are great workouts though I find Workout #5 to be the most challenging. It features exercises that recruit many different muscle groups.

That about does it for the 21-15-9 training style. if you are looking for an intense full body workout try any of these 5 workouts, but and be careful with #5. It’s a tough one.

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