3 “No Excuses” Hardcore Limited Equipment Workouts

No gym access? No problem? a nutritionist Alex Stewart presents 3 intense workout programs that will blast your body using minimal equipment and minimal time.

In my years of training and coaching clients I have heard it ALL when it comes to excuses. I’ve heard every story about how and why someone fell off the wagon and stopped working out. The one recurring and common excuse is the lack of time… Everyone knows the health benefits of exercise, but because of a busy schedule they can’t seem to find the time to fit it in.

I used to struggle with this. I would speak to clients and explain that all they needed was 30-60 minutes at the gym 4-5 times a week. This would give them the results they were looking for. How can this be so difficult? Aren’t your fitness goals important to you? Many would say yes, but then proceed to list the reason they were not able to get to the gym.

I found that for many of these people, their busy schedules, family time, traveling and/or the distance they lived from a gym were the main reasons they didn’t work out. Getting back and forth from the gym cost them time and changing at the gym was a hassle. During the first half of the year, when they were most motivated, gyms were swamped.

I dealt with these issues too, but knew there was no other way. I had to workout at the gym.

As time passed, and my career started to involve a lot more traveling, I found myself improvising my workouts and utilizing new exercises. Having limited equipment was a challenge but I made due.

I decided that it was time to develop an effective way to workout at home. I know what you’re thinking “there is no way to get an effective and complete workout at home.” For years I believed the same thing. It was ingrained into my head: working out hard required going to gym, where you can utilize heavy free weights and the many machines.

This article will go into detail about my workouts. I utilized a very limited amount of equipment that my workouts didn’t require much space at all. Many, if not all of these workouts, can be done in a single room, small space in the backyard, garage or even a tiny hotel fitness room.

The best part about each workout and training style is that they can be tailored to your own fitness level. Adding resistance, increasing pace and/or lowering rest periods helps intensify the workouts.

For anyone that thinks this is only for beginner and or intermediate trainers, they are sorely mistaken. Father Time is the one thing you can never escape. Including a timer in your workouts will give you tangible goals to strive for, improving at each and every workout.

Now let’s get down to business and dive into the workouts.

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