2 Best Exercise For Building a Wide and Thick Upper Back

Conditioning Options:

Hill Sprints
Bodyweight Conditioning
Heavy Bag
Jump Rope
Barbell or Dumbbell Complexes
Pull Up Ladder

No program is complete without conditioning. I’m not talking about wasting time in the “cardio” section. I’m talking about doing some real work that makes your reconsider why you’re even training in the first place. When you realize after 1 set that your conditioning for the day is a bad idea, then you are in the right place.

Remember, the appearance of your physique is an illusion. While this program will allow you build a wider back, you can make your back appear even wider if you have a smaller and tighter waist. That is where a great nutrition plan and tough conditioning come into play.

Having a Peter Griffin waistline will not allow your back width to be at maximum potential. Do not skimp on your nutrition or conditioning.

Final Thoughts

This 6 weeks is just the start of you building a stronger and wider. You have to give consistent, quality effort over time in order to attain your goal. You probably have noticed that there is no traditional direct biceps or triceps work like curls or skullcrushers. This doesn’t mean that you will have arms like Olive Oil when these 6 weeks is over.

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