2 Best Exercise For Building a Wide and Thick Upper Back


We are focusing on width today. In order to increase the width of your back, you must put a focus on training your lats. The lats are a hallmark muscle for a man. When you combine big lats and a tight midsection, you’ll have an upper body with a great V-Taper.

You may even be mistaken for a cobra or a kite at some point during the day. There are 2 key movements that you must focus on when building the lats. They are:

1) Pull-Ups

This should be a no-brainer but I still witnessed many empty pull-up bars when I trained at commercial gyms. If pull-ups are not part of your training program, then you’re not truly training. Early in my training career I didn’t prioritize pull-ups. It showed as I possessed a back that had zero width.

I used to perform pull-ups as an add-on at the end of a training session vs. being the priority movement. The result was obvious when I showed up at my first bodybuilding show with AIR LATS.

There are 2 other main variations of the pull-up, the chin-up and the neutral grip pull-up. Chin-ups use a supinated grip (underhand). The neutral grip uses a palms-facing each other grip. All 3 variations used consistently and progressively will make you grow.

Eric Brown Wider Lats

Pull-up hit the lats hard when done correctly with proper form. You pull yourself up until your chin crosses over the bar. You then lower yourself down until your arms are fully stretched out before you attempt your next rep. That full stretch really gets the lats involved. Alligator arm pull-ups don’t count.

Your goal should be to get stronger by eventually performing weighted pull-ups and also performing them through a variety of rep ranges and training programs. The bottom line is that you need to toil away on that pull-up bar.

The man who spends his time at the pull-up bar will see drastically better results than the man who does a couple machines and leaves the gym after taking his “beastmode” selfies. You cannot fake hard work and pull-ups are hard.

If you want a stronger and more developed back then the pull-up is now your new best friend.

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