2 Best Exercise For Building a Wide and Thick Upper Back

Learn which two moves are key to building a wide and thick upper back. Then, check out the workout using the two moves to improve your overall physique!

When it comes to training back and chest, the latter is trained significantly more by the average meathead.

The standard mindset for most men is to only train what they see in the mirror. The chest. The biceps. The abs.

These muscles receive all the attention when it comes to the average male in the gym. This is how that same man begins his transformation into a pure meathead.

That mindset is also what limits what a trainee can do as far physique and performance improvement.

While pecs, biceps, and abs are important, they are vastly overtrained at the expense of training the back!

When you train in a fashion that does not promote balance or symmetry, you can only build an incomplete physique. And if you think hard about it, you probably know a few trainees who have this look that I’m describing.

You’ve seen the classic meathead who looks as if he’s never missed a chest or biceps workout. But it’s also painfully obvious he hasn’t trained his back since Nas dropped the forever-classic Illmatic 22 years ago!

This is very common among the average, commercial gym trainees but the games have to stop fellas. You’re more than just a set of pecs and biceps. If you want the complete physique you cannot avoid training your back.

Training and building your back is very hard work, but nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. Success requires struggle.

It’s the development of your back that will allow you to have a superhero-like upper body. When you train your back it’s typically broken up into two parts: training for thickness or training for width.

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