17 Smart Ways To Kill Cardio Sessions and Amp Up Fat Burning

Cardio is essential for losing fat and maintaining fat loss. There’s no way around it, so here’s 17 types of cardio you a use to mix things up and get results!

You worked hard getting your body in the type of shape that made you proud to show it off all summer long. On the beach, at the pool, and away on vacation. Training hard and eating healthy certainly paid off and all of your goals were met. Looking good in shorts and a tank top (or less) made this a memorable span but now you find yourself lacking an incentive.

The weather is cooling off as fall approaches and long sleeves, pants, and jackets are covering up what is your living and breathing trophy. And before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us and that is the worst time of the year to stay on top of your fitness regimen. So do not allow yourself to get comfortable if you expect to stay in shape. As a matter of fact, you need to turn it up a notch right now if you intend to make it to the New Year looking the way you want to.

Maintaining a healthy looking physique may not be as hard as initially getting one, but that is precisely the reason why the intensity meter needs to be upped. Complacency has a tendency to set in – even for the most dedicated fitness enthusiast. So the plan should be one that is a two-pronged cardio-based attack to incinerate fat before the first snowfall. And mixing both aerobic and anaerobic activity can do it.

Nutrex Athlete Running

From a scientific standpoint, the difference comes down to the level of oxygen as an energy source to perform the exercise. For aerobics, you will have enough oxygen intake and not need to tap into another energy source. With anaerobics, the intensity requires other energy sources to be used and your body begins to break down sugar and convert it into glycogen to complete the task.

In layman’s terms, the difference between the two is that aerobic exercise is less intense and performed for longer periods of time while anaerobic activity is explosive and encompasses a shorter span. Both will help you burn fat and boost your metabolism. Your endurance level will increase with aerobic activity and that will allow you to push the intensity with anaerobic activity, which will result in fat burning and gaining lean muscle mass.

Since anaerobic exercise is very taxing, it is best to keep it to two-to-three sessions per week. And, if possible, try to skip at least 24 hours in between performing it to allow your body sufficient time to recover.

Aerobic Activity

When people hear the term ‘aerobics,’ many will have a frightening mental image of spandex, leggings and headband-sporting class members sweating it up to a Duran Duran cassette tape in a 1980s-era Jack LaLanne health spa. Get that out of your heads and instead picture the litany of options that aerobic activity can include, such as:

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