15 Proven Ways to Gain Lean Muscle Mass While Staying Ripped

13. Aim to break personal records

Always strive to break new records in the gym. Remember, no one’s body wants to be lean and muscular. We need to force our bodies to adapt and build muscle. We do this by always pushing the bar higher and higher.

14. Supplement with shakes

For a lot of guys, it can be hard to find nutrients—particularly protein—in the right proportions. And if you’re trying to add muscle mass without getting fatter, that means huge quantities of protein without much else. That’s why bodybuilders often turn to shakes, which can supplement your protein intake without forcing you to buy expensive steaks or constantly bake chicken breasts in your tiny apartment.

15. Keep most of your carbs around your workouts

The best time of day to consume your carbs is around your workout. Consuming carbs before exercise will provide your body with energy for your workouts. I usually consume a workout shake that contains carbs as well, which helps me get more calories and help keep me anabolic during a workout. I will consume a balanced meal with protein and carbs to help with muscle repair 20 minutes following a workout.

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